Working on WordPress

Dorothy Suter in late 2005 at the Youth Business Fair in Hartford, CT

Dorothy Suter in winter 2005 at the Youth Business Fair in Hartford, CT managing the sales table.

There is still a lot for me to learn about WordPress. I played around some this past weekend but still haven’t learned everything I want to be able to do in “tweaking” templates and themes. I guess for now I stick with the free themes and/or call a professional as needed.

I followed “WordPress for Dummies” to get the blog posts to show up under a page link. I like that! And I can now change from theme to theme as the mood strikes me. And see how easy it is to insert a picture in a post? Lovely!

Also, I did get my other blog mapped correctly. You can see that blog at And if you’re so inclined, you can see my ranting and raving about romantic comedies at the movies on

WordPress for Dummies

I’ve spent the past few days discovering the insights of “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. I’ve tried the “For Dummies” series before, but this is perhaps the most use I’ve gotten out of one of these books. It’s fairly easy to follow along, and blessedly similar enough to how my WordPress works (I’m now on the next version), that I can follow right along step by step.

This book should allow me a lot more flexibility in what I can do for myself and clients and what I MUST hire a web designer for. I’ve still got some chapters to go before I master blog posts vs. Pages (and which one shows up on my front page), but I’ve already added themes, links, categories, tags and a profile.

Marketing Strategies Meet Up

I had the best time at our New Haven County Women in Business Meet Up this past Saturday.  I was able to present a couple topics in marketing strategies – specifically on defining your target marketing and preparing the “30-second sound bite.”   We will be continuing the topic at one of our future Meet Ups, and I am following up with some of our members on making additional presentations with their other groups and networks. 

That’s the best part of this business — when you get to see someone’s eyes light up with a big “aha!”